Do you consider yourself one of the top 5% AI, IT or design students in Amsterdam?

BIT students is run by and for the best tech and design students Amsterdam has to offer.
We excel in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Design or anything in between.

BIT students was started so we can learn to work with the newest technologies while studying. We work with the highest achieving professionals and for the most innovative companies like Philips, UPS, eBay, Bloomon, the Correspondent, Jumbo, ING and Startup Bootcamp. We do amazing AI, Hololens, IoT, AR and VR projects. Not as interns, but as fully respected developers.

Want to become a BIT student? Check out our core values.

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Cutting edge technologies

We want to work with the most interesting, promising and new techniques we can find. We want to be thát up-to-date that you imagine yourself to be in Silicon Valley. At the moment we work on projects with AR (Apple AR kit, Vuforia), VR (unity, VRTK), IoT (3D-printing, custom made PCB’s, sensor) and AI (TensorFlow, PyTorch). Whenever we work on ‘regular’ projects, we like to work with great stacks like React, Laravel, Go, Typescript or Erlang. 🚀


BIT equals happy

As BIT students is so connected to students, it is impossible not to have a party every once in a while. Every Monday and Saturday we all have dinner together at the office and sip on our very own BIT-beers. Next to that, we often organize parties, game nights, hackathons and BBQ’s. Therefore, we are not only a professional collective, but also consider each other as good friends.🔥😎

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BIT is a resume booster

At BIT we work together with Philips’s CEO, the founders of Bloomon and the youngest millionaire éver in the Netherlands. Just to name a few. Serious business. Next to that, for every project we do, we find a coach from the professional world with great expertise regarding the subject of the project to advise our team. Our goal is to offer you a gateway into the professional IT-world, by developing your professional skills at BIT Students. 👍💪


Want to be a BIT Student?

Join our Famous BIT beer & pizza sessions

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Friday February 15th at 18:00 @ Science Park

Every other month we organize a Beer and Pizza night. During this event we offer students who might be interested in a position at BIT Students the possibility to get to know the company. Here we explain how BIT works, what it is like to work together with our team and on what fields you need to qualify to become a future BIT’ter. We are notoriously known for our strict selection procedure, because we truly want to work together with the cream of the crop.

Does all of the above apply to you? Sign up for the next Beer and Pizza night! We look forward to meet you on Friday, February 15th!


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